Waltham AGS Partnership

Public School Teachers

The Brandeis-Waltham Teacher Leader Fellowship is a rigorous professional development opportunity for teachers in the Waltham Public School District made possible by a partnership between Brandeis University and WPS. The 13-month Fellowship (culminating in an AGS credential) is designed for talented and experienced teachers interested in working with colleagues to improve instruction and increase their school's capacity to challenge, engage, and retain English language learners and other “off track” students.

Fellows participate in rigorous face-to-face coursework during two summer sessions at Brandeis, in-service coursework through distance learning during the school year, and continuous mentoring throughout the 13 months—a curriculum that allows them to study and practice essential leadership skills while still working full-time in their schools.

The program is open to all Waltham teachers (K – 12). Teacher leaders may be eligible for up to 50% tuition scholarships from Brandeis University, and WPS offers 25% tuition scholarships for teachers admitted to the program. Teacher leader applications must be supported by their school principal.

To learn more about the Brandeis-Waltham Teacher Leader Fellowship, please contact Margery Sokoloff at msokolof@brandeis.edu or schedule an appointment to speak with an advisor (781) 736-2022.

Summer Semester dates

Summer semester starts on July 2  and ends on July 19.