Fall 2008 Greening Class Projects

Clean Streams

The goal of the Clean Streams project was to clean up and protect the stream behind H-lot to facilitate better, cleaner water flow, thus avoiding pollution of nearby drinking water supplies and preventing back-flow into campus buildings. We planned to accomplish this goal by removing trash and invasive species from the area, changing the engineering of the road from the Chapels and the edge of the stream to filter the water and divert it to other preferable, nearby locations and educating the Brandeis and Cedar Hill communities about the importance of wetland species and the harmful effects of storm water pollution.

Group Members: Sarah Levy, Hannah Saltman, Allison Simon, Ben Rifkin and Zach Slavin

'DeisBikes: Bicycle Sharing Program

The goal of 'DeisBikes was to create an alternative and fuel-free means of transportation for Brandeis students. Biking is such an easy, accessible, and environmentally-friendly way of getting around campus and Waltham, we decided it would be a perfect solution. The 'DeisBikes: Brandeis Bicycle Sharing Program is free and open to all undergraduate students.

Group Members: Susan Paykin '11, Caroline Cappello '11, Lisa Frank '09, Lea Giddins '11

Environmental Education in Waltham Public Schools

The goal of the Environmental Education Project was to aid school-age children in gaining a basic environmental awareness by teaching them through hands-on activities. We visited three after school programs in Waltham on two occasions per school, to show children their impact the environment through various activities. After reading "Last Child in the Woods" and learning about the tragedy of Nature Deficit Disorder in today’s youth, we decided to do our best to ensure that Waltham children are given every possible opportunity to connect to the environment.

We presented the children with an interactive curriculum that demonstrated how everyday choices can help achieve a “greener” lifestyle. Focusing mainly on recycling, energy conservation, and pollution, the kids learned fun facts and ways to help the environment. After learning about the importance of reusing materials, one girl approached us with a paper plate she had used and then turned into an art project. Another child ran up to his father when he arrived to pick him up to ask him if their family recycles, and, if not, to immediately pick up recycling bins. 

Group Members: Jessalyn Michaels, Erica Traub, Sammi Feldman

Greening the Office

The mission for this project was to create an accessible presentation that provides Brandeis faculty and staff with information about ways to make their offices and classroom practices more energy efficient and paper friendly. We researched presentations given at other universities and compiled our own PowerPoint presentation — one for faculty members and one geared toward students — based on our findings. We wanted to utilize a top-down, bottom-up approach in reaching out to faculty and staff, targeting both demographics to ensure overall program success. We had the opportunity to speak at academic department meetings, the Student Union's weekly meeting, and in undergraduate classes.

To arrange a presentation for your department, e-mail sustainability@brandeis.edu.

Group Members: Lauren Kruas, Anum Irfan Khan, Michael Camp, Carrie Watkins

NaturaLiving Club

We created a student club to organize and support the Brandeis Farmer's Market and promote the advantages of buying local food. The NaturaLiving club seeks to connect students to nature and promote natural living habits by providing trail maps of the Waltham area and holding workshops on natural cooking methods.

Group Members: Lea Giddins, Tzipora Hait, Michael Riccobonno, Emilie Schuler

Public Transportation

We focused on educating people about public transportation. We pursued the possibilities of a shuttle that would run from downtown Waltham along South Street, stopping at Brandeis and other businesses, and ending at the Riverside T Station. While the future of this shuttle is uncertain, we are optimistic that it will help to further reduce Brandeis’ dependence on automobiles. There have been several discussions between members of the 128 Business Council, Waltham transportation officials, local businesses, and the Brandeis administration regarding the desire to and feasibility of creating a private community shuttle to Riverside. 

Group Members: Kevin Lowenberg '11, Lisa Frank '09, Lauren Ehrlich '10, Debra Fricano '10, Julia Marder '10