How can we make the Brandeis community more dedicated to our planet?

A Problem: “The Bubble”

The average Brandeis student is sure to tell you that they are someone who cares about the environmental issues of today. However, it appears to be the case that very few of them know about Brandeis’s involvement and efforts in the movement. Time and time again we have found that the “usual suspects” (the environmental majors, faculty, and clubs) are the only groups showing up to environmental actions, symposiums, and other events. This has created a “bubble”, a small echo chamber in our community, where information is stuck inside and the vast majority of campus is completely unaware and uninvolved.

A Solution: Earth Day!

Brandeis Earth Day coincides with the international Earth Day; a day that marks the birth of the modern environmental movement in the 70’s. Each year, millions of people all over the world come together to celebrate the environmental movement and to educate the globe on what still needs to be done to heal our interactions with the planet.

Hosting an annual campus wide celebration will give the Brandeis community the tools to reignite their environmental passions.  We will invite every department, every club, and every student to participate in a day-long event that will connect their personal lives and interests to those of the Earth.

What it is:

We want Earth day to be active all over campus, so we are inviting faculty to declare their support for this day by taking some of their class period to discuss how their subject is related to environmental effort. We are inviting students and their clubs to host activities, volunteer experiences, and workshops devoted to whatever areas of the movement where their passions lie. Finally, we will invite speakers and Boston organizations to come share the opportunities of involvement in supporting our Earth beyond our immediate community.

We all live on this planet, so we should all take care of it, together!

If you, or your organization would like to participate in this day, contact one of our Core members at

The co-founders and core committee members of this project are Aynsley O’Neill, Eli Lovich, and Paige Hildebrand.