Deis Bikes

DeisBikes 2.0: Semester-Long Rentals

DeisBikes, Brandeis’ original bicycle sharing program, was launched in March 2009 as an initiative between students in the Brandeis Student Union and Professor Laura Goldin’s Greening the Ivory Tower class. Currently offering free daylong bicycle rentals to all undergraduate students, DeisBikes introduced the first environmentally-friendly transportation service on campus.

Semester-Long Bike Rentals: By expanding the original DeisBike sharing program to semester-long rentals at an affordable fee, the DeisBikes 2.0 team aims to further reduce Brandeis’ carbon footprint by promoting greater bike usage, “invest” students in their own bikes, raise awareness of the benefits of biking, and reduce use of cars and other fossil-fuel dependent modes of transportation.  By offering rentals at an affordable fee of $50 per semester, DeisBikes 2.0 will replace the need of some students for personal cars. Thanks to a grant from the Brandeis Sustainability Fund, DeisBikes 2.0 will be able to offer 40 Trek 700 bicycles for rental.

Bike Shop: The DeisBikes 2.0 team aims to promote bike culture on campus by opening a student-run bike shop (located in the basement of Gordon Hall) with weekly office hours to be run by trained volunteer students. The bike shop will enable the program to be self-sufficient and ensure that bikes can remain operable and in use, and will be available to all students for repair of bikes.

Bike Racks: To increase visibility and convenience throughout the campus, more bike racks will be installed.


Resource Guide: Please click here to view the DeisBikes Resource Guide with information on bike shops in the area, safety tips, and maintenance help.

*We recognize this as a real need: Transportation is a significant source of carbon emissions; as recorded in Global Warming on the Road, a 2006 study conducted by Environmental Defense, “roughly 20% of U.S. energy-related CO2 emissions, cars and light trucks are a key source of the nation’s global warming emissions.”

Project team: Albert Feldman, Scott Oglesby, Jessie Stettin