Earthworm Kids

The Earthworms greening class project was inspired by our classroom work with Healthy Waltham and the book "Last Child in the Woods" by Richard Louv, which describes the real need to reconnect kids with nature.

For many years, Brandeis students, through environmental studies classes and internships, have been supporting Healthy Waltham’s mission to spread health and wellness to the Waltham community.  Earthworms carries that mission further by establishing an ongoing group of volunteers  who will join in this effort over time, and focus on educating kids on environmental awareness and healthy living.

In collaboration with Healthy Waltham and the YMCA after- school programs, the Earthworms gang will run a series of ongoing “natural living” sessions with kids that highlight the importance of bonding with nature and working with their hands. Earthworms strives to teach youth about healthy eating, active living, engaging in environmentally friendly activity, connecting food to where it comes from, but most of all how to get down in the dirt and love nature!

While this project is rooted at the Stanley Elementary School near campus, we hope to branch out to other schools across Waltham. With volunteers we’ll recruite from student clubs like SEA and Natural Living, along with students and interns in environmental studies, we plan to ensure continuing support for environmental awareness and engagement.

We would like to especially thank our partners from Healthy Waltham and the Waltham YMCA

Earthworms student group: Felice Oltuski, Ariana Berlin, Jenn Recinos, Jane Berry.