Flip the Switch



Flip The Switch is a student initiative to reduce unnecessary electricity usage on the Brandeis campus. We have created a special website that will allow Flip The Switch club members and student volunteers to go around academic buildings at night, turning off lights in unused rooms and record how many lights they have turned off.

The website will have mobile capabilities and save information in real-time, creating a record of:

  • How many lights have been turned off

  • How much electricity has been saved

  • The reduction in Brandeis’ carbon footprint


Every night, lights and computers are left on in academic buildings, wasting electricity and student tuition dollars. Motion sensors and timed lights are expensive solutions to this issue, but through student ingenuity, we can conserve energy much more efficiently.

Flip The Switch will also exist as a club through the Student Union to both administer the volunteer program and recruit new members. Additionally, club meetings will serve as outlets to promote other sustainability efforts across campus.


We will measure energy savings based on the information entered online. When the volunteers record which lights they turned off, the mobile website will time stamp this data and record how long the lights are off. Assuming that all of the lights are turned on around the same time, the energy, CO2, and money saved can be easily calculated. These results will then be analyzed and used to determine if changes need to happen, and the project will be adjusted accordingly.

Rewards will be given out at the end of each semester to incentivize flipping the switch and attract more volunteers. Incentives will be given to those who volunteer the most often and those who save the most electricity, based on the information entered in the website.



  • “Flip The Switch” T-shirts

  • “Flip The Switch” tote-bags

  • A dinner for the top volunteers at the end of the semester.


Flip The Switch aims to:

  1. Reduce electricity usage on campus

  2. Reduce Brandeis’ carbon footprint

  3. Reduce the university’s operating costs

  4. Get the Brandeis community involved in and excited about sustainability efforts


  1. Visit our website - fliptheswitchbrandeis.com - to sign up for a shift of flipping the switch!

  2. Join our club listserv - fliptheswitch@lists.brandeis.edu - for updates on club meetings, requests for shift coverages, and general information!

  3. Attend a club meeting! Flip The Switch will meet once per month for feedback from volunteers and discussions on future goals.

  4. Flip a switch! By making sure to turn off the lights in your dorm room each evening, or after class, you can reduce Brandeis’ energy usage.


You can reach the team behind Flip The Switch by emailing fliptheswitchbrandeis@gmail.com

Flip The Switch founders: Lindsay Weiner, Rabeya Hussaini, Miranda Lassar, Bec Sheinkopf, Xavier Nelson, Andrew Elmers, Ben Humbert, James Formigli, Xinran Xin