Gosman Goes Green

One of the most beautiful things about being a student at Brandeis is having the luxury of being surrounded by a culture and community that is driven by the concept of social justice. The goal of this project is to expand this culture into the athletic community by starting initiatives for sustainability at the Gosman Sports and Convocation Center.

This project can be summed up in two parts. The first is to set and tackle a set of goals that will help decrease the community’s carbon footprint almost immediately. These goals are:

  • Eliminating plastic/paper cups from practice and providing reusable water bottles which will reduce waste that our athletic teams create everyday
  • Distributing recycling bins within each athletic teams locker rooms and adding a compost bin.
  • Creating an educational trash, compost, and recycling diagram like the one found in Upper Usdan.

The second part of this is to create a consciousness within an existing student-athlete committee so that problems like these can continue to be identified and tackled in future years by student-athletes who care. To do this we will continue to work closely with SAAC (Student Athlete Advisory Committee) and create a sub committee composed of interested student-athletes who will generate sustainability initiatives.

Overall, all of these proposals will help reduce our waste and start a conversation of how our athletic facility can be more sustainable. In the rest of our careers here at Brandeis we hope to create a lasting culture of awareness amongst student-athletes and the athletic community that will continue to promote sustainability initiatives and ideas.

Gosman Goes Green members:

Minjee Lee 19’ and Patrick Flahive 18’