Green Computing

The Green Computing Project, initiated in the Greening the Ivory Tower class, is a student-led effort to reduce energy use and carbon emissions as well as raise awareness about the environmental impact of computer use at Brandeis University. By working closely with Library and Technology Services (LTS), Media Technology Services (MTS), and academic departments at Brandeis, our goal is to significantly reduce the total uptime of public computing locations, perhaps by more than forty percent.

The specific objective of this project is simple: Reduce energy use of public computer clusters at Brandeis University and comply with the University Climate Action Plan signed by Pres. Reinharz in 2009. The Plan requires all public computers to use maximum energy saving setting. Some efforts have already been made by LTS; however, existing solutions have not been universally deployed, and do not fully address other issues, such as maintenance needs.

The Green Computing Project was originally structured to address only the matter of energy conservation. Our goals have since evolved and expanded to include a significant educational component. By raising awareness of the environmental and financial costs associated with public computer use, we hope to extend energy conscientiousness into the dorms of students and homes of faculty and staff. We will poster dorms and cafeterias with facts about energy use and the carbon footprint associated with computer use. We will also spread the information by use of e-mail lists and organizations on campus.

For recent updates on the project, please see the Green Computing Project’s website.

Project team: Esther Brandon, Chris Freeman, Emma Green