Green Move-Out

Reducing​ ​waste​ ​&​ ​Giving​ ​back to​ ​the​ ​Waltham​ ​community

Our​ ​Goals:

  • Reduce​ the amount of waste at the end of each year
  • Donate​ to the Waltham community
  • Save​ student’s money
  • Educate​ the student body about how to reuse and recycle
  • Promote​ sustainability on campus

Purpose: This program aims to reduce the amount of waste our campus produces at the end of the year. Green Move-out encourage students to recycle their possessions through education and convenience. By making it easy to donate, students can effortlessly give back to the Waltham community as well as learn how their possessions can be reused and recycled.

Method: Beginning in Mid-April, donation boxes are stationed at convenient locations in the resident halls for donation drop-offs. Once a week, our Waltham based donation partner picks up all donations from stationed PODs storage units around campus where hired student workers sort and organize donations. Once the move-out season is over, we store all office chairs, lamps, bedside tables, etc. until the Fall so that Brandeis students can buy common essential dorm items at a fraction of the price!


Short​ ​term:

In the short term, Green Move-out diverts usable items from becoming waste. This reduces the amount of material our school will be putting into landfills and incineration. This allows the lifetime of these items to be extended through reuse.

Long​ ​term:

In the long term, Green Move-out helps shift students attitudes toward bringing less stuff on campus and promotes a minimalist lifestyle. It also promotes a mentality that urges students to think about how they can recycle their old possessions.

Garage​ ​Sale: The goods received from the donations at the end of each spring semester are sorted, organized, and either given away or stored over the summer. All dorm specific items and other items oriented towards a student’s lifestyle are then sold, at greatly reduced prices, to students in the beginning of the fall semester. This “Garage Sale” provides students with low cost options for stocking up on dorm room items. This also helps by closing the loop on the number of items that are purchased for one year’s use, and then thrown away.

Examples of some items we plan to keep:

  • Office chairs
  • Lamps
  • Shoe organizers
  • Binders & Notebooks

Names: Alex, Cameron, Candice, Lauren & Victor