Green Space: Ideas Taking Root

Our Vision

Our GreenSpace offers students at Brandeis a tranquil and productive atmosphere in the library where plant life flourishes and enhances their workspace. Research* has supported this method of study as highly beneficial, and we are on board! We believe this should be easily accessible at Brandeis for the student community.


Our mission with creating a GreenSpace involves creating a space for students to come and study in the presence of greenery and growing plant life. Living plants in the work and study space have proven to not only increase test scores*, enhance focus, and eliminate toxins from the air we breathe, but also provide great relief for seasonal affective disorder. During the gray months of New England winters, our GreenSpace offers the rejuvenation that many students need.

Why is this Important?

We are attempting to catalyze a passion in people regarding interactions between people and nature. The concept of having plant life easily accessible to students and staff is simple, yet so beneficial. Having a nature-conducive environment be available all year round is something that should feel important to everyone, especially during the time of the semester where finals hit and students lock themselves in the library. This space will force people to take a second to breathe and enjoy a setting with nature- it will boost their creativity, imagination and focus.

Education Tools

This project presents us with the opportunity to use this space as an educational tool by promoting environmentally-friendly practices as well as informing students with facts about the ways they can implement sustainable practices in their everyday lives, encouraging a behavioralchange in students. The aspects of educating students about the particular ways that plants can improve livelihood include:

A. Physical Benefits- Everyone knows that plants do photosynthesis; plants take in carbon dioxide and put out oxygen (which we need to breathe)!! This will help on a small scale, the carbon footprint that brandeis emits to the environment and waltham community at large. Even more importantly, this is an opportunity to get people aware aboutcarbon footprints and start dialogue, which will improve awareness. Plants are also natural air filters and pull toxins from the atmosphere.

B. Psychological- Studies published in the journal of Environmental
Psychology show that studying in the presence of plants helps people attain a calm state of mind so they can achieve more of their work goals, “the mere presence of plants in an office setting boosts one’s ability to maintain attention.”


How to sustain GreenSpace

Plants are similar to humans in that they need food (sunlight), water and love- that simple! Working with the staff action team as well as partnered clubs will ensure the maintenance and continual love of our plant-life. We hope you will fall in love with nature and feel our similar immediate connection to this idea as it continues to develop, transform and take root.