Greener Dining

Eat What You Take

The UN estimates that globally about 1/3 of edible food substance (1.3 billion tons) is wasted each year. This translates to the wasting of countless inputs of time, labor, and resources. With Brandeis’ undergraduate population of approximately 3, 600 and 3 daily meals, about 10,800 meals flow through Brandeis each day via undergraduates alone! With this staggering global problem and this staggering local consumer base, we are seeking to green our campus through an information campaign aimed at greening dining habits to reduce food waste and wasteful eating in campus dining.

Weigh the Waste

Over the course of 1 week, our project hopes to collect daily waste from lunch dining at Lower Usdan dining hall, weigh the waste, and update a graph daily to keep students informed about how much food is currently uneaten and wasted by students.

Food waste on Sherman Dining Hall plate belt

Inform the Waste

Much carelessness in eating habits stems from simple ignorance of what impact healthy dining habits can have. Many students are unaware of the harmful impacts food waste and frequent eating of food with high carbon footprints such as beef can have on the environment and society. By hanging up informational graphic posters throughout the dining hall, adding information on Water Input and Carbon Footprints to daily menu item information, and handing out stickers praising students for eating all the food on their plates, our campaign hopes to:
- Remind students of the myriad of inputs that go into food
- Publicize a variety of personal eating strategies such as Meatless Mondays, using Dairy Substitutes, and not eating out-of-season fruits and vegetables to reduce Food Carbon Footprints
- Highlight the long term positive impacts that waste-free, sustainable dining habits can have
- Catalyze a conversation about food waste across campus communities

Clean Plate Club Stickers to hand out during campaign

Reduce the Waste

Via continual campaigns throughout the Spring 2017 semester and beyond, our project hopes to instill a long term behavioral change in Brandeis Diners. Additional waste weighing weeks will serve as checkpoints to determine the effectiveness of future campaigns with the first Waste Weigh Week as the starting benchmark.

Clean plate with no food waste!

Group Members

Manjulika Das 18’, Anna Dorosenkov 20’, Matt Hoisch 19’