E-Radicate E-Waste

     Justice Brandeis

What is e-waste?
E-waste is electronic waste that is generated by old and unused electronics that are disposed of improperly. Many of the items could be reused or refurbished. Electronic waste is extremely hazardous and therefore should be carefully managed after it is disposed.    

E-waste is becoming a more critical issue as technology advances. When e-waste isn’t properly recycled, our waste gets shipped to developing countries where piles of our discarded computers, cell phones, wires and batteries are dumped, endangering those near the dump by exposing them to toxic elements.

Why Brandeis?
Technology is a critical part of the modern students’ daily routine and reducing the waste stream would greatly help out in terms of environmental sustainability. Currently, e-waste recycling stations at Brandeis are lackluster and ignored. We have two e-waste recycling centers located in G-zang and the mailroom. E-waste bins in these two stations are poorly marked and indiscernible.  Therefore, many Brandesians are unaware of current receptacle bins on campus. Unfortunately because of poorly publicized e-waste centers, students often wind up disposing of e-waste incorrectly. We as Brandesians can stop the improper disposal of electronic waste; ignorance is no excuse.

Our mission:
We are re-vamping e-waste centers in G-zang and the student mailroom with better signage, permanent labeling, and flair.  We are educating students through posters and events about the detriments that e-waste causes in third world countries, and how crucial it is that we make a difference in the e-waste streamline by disposing it properly here at Brandeis.

Most importantly, we are making the disposal sites on campus better known, ensuring that students know where to dispose of their batteries, and not mistake it for trash. We hope that future projects can expand off of our current project with the addition of more e-waste centers and bins on campus.

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Vivian Zeng, Elad Mehl and Molly Lortie