The Farmers Go To Market

market - April 2015With the knowledge that our group has obtained from the Greening Class, we have discovered that the current food system is highly energy inefficient and does not promote small farms. Because of this realization we have created a project with the goal of bringing a farmers market to Brandeis and creating a relationship with the Waltham farmers market that can be sustained in the future. Through visits to the Waltham Farmer’s Market and contact with its local farmers and vendors we have created a community that is excited about the future of a Brandeis Market. The products offered will span from fresh produce, possibly grown at Brandeis, to homemade soap and baked goods. Farmers will bring their approved products to Brandeis and have designated spaces in the Gosman parking lot, where the sight will draw attention of people passing by and those attending sporting events.

Live music at the market - April 2015During the markets we will work with on-campus organizations, such as a cappella groups, cultural clubs, and Sodexo, to establish a community that shares in the experience. To be most accessible to faculty and students the markets will be held on a weekend roughly between 3-6. The members of the Farmers club and other volunteers will be on hand, helping the farmers in whatever ways they can, as well as directing students and drawing people in. 

Shopping at the market - April 2015This project was designed to support local farmers and allow students to obtain more locally grown produce. Through building a relationship with local food sources the Brandeis community can better understand the accessibility of sustainable food and appreciate smaller sustainable agricultural practices. Providing an alternative food source will show the Brandeis community that attaining local food can be easy and rewarding. Additionally, this allows our students to get a better understanding of what the city of Waltham does to create a community that shares food ideals. Through showing the Brandeis community that local farmers are able to grow fresh crops, we hope to raise the awareness of natural food and educate the community about alternatives ways of obtaining produce.  Ways that do not involve transporting produces hundreds of miles, creating a large carbon footprint.  We hope that Brandeis students will take our lead and learn more about the flaws in the current food system, maybe even creating their own farms in the future.

The Farmer's Market GroupIn order to continue our vision in the future, the members of our group are starting a club, called The Farmers.  By doing so we are insuring that the future of the market will be one where more than a few people are committed to our vision. With the help of a fellow greening group, we are hoping to not only have a market, but also grow our own produce to sell at future markets.

The members of our group include Gerriana Cohen, Stephanie Reifenberg, Annie Abrams, Karrah Beck, Basile Raynaud, and Daisy Tian, but our project would not be possible without the wonderful group of people who run the Waltham Farmers market who have helped us with our vision, Jim Gray, Edward Callahan, Lynne Dempsey, and Laura Goldin who has helped us establish relationships with each of these people.