The Patchwork Garden

Few students think about the environmental impact of the food on their plates. The Patchwork Garden, established in October 2009, allows students to better understand sustainability and their own personal connection to food sources.

Graden greens
Food in the Brandeis garden is organic, locally grown and provides food for the mind and the stomach.

The Patchwork Garden is located between first-year residence halls and the three chapels. It includes three raised beds with removable coldframes for growing salad greens, garlic and herbs, as well as a berry thicket.

Building raised beds and coldframes required significant research into the agriculture and architecture of New England, as well as environmentally sustainable and non-toxic materials. Once we obtained the administration's approval of a campus garden space and the tools, we secured funding and material donations.

We partnered with local non-profit Healthy Waltham, an organization dedicated to promoting healthy eating in local public schools.

Graden Group
From left to right: Sarit, Emilie, Becca, Parker, Anna, Amy and Ellen enjoy the fruits of their labor.
Healthy Waltham has started five school gardens in Waltham and together we are able to build on their foundation with community partners, expand the amount of Waltham land dedicated to local agriculture and increase public awareness. Brandeis students will be able to work at the different gardens, and share their expertise with elementary and middle school students.

The garden will be maintained by the Natural Living Club, and continue to grow for years and serve as a physical representation of our improved campus sustainability.

Team Members

Ellen Abramowitz, Anna Jursik, Sarit Luban and Rebecca Richman