Get Charged!

Get Charged!

Spark the clean energy revolution here.
Greening Class Project Leader: Vivian Zeng

As part of the evolving “clean energy revolution”, electric vehicles (EVs) are rising in prominence in the future of urban mobility.  They offer multiple benefits as a replacement for gas vehicles; reducing pollution and costs and decreasing our tenacious energy dependence on fossil fuels.  Although EVs are a tiny share of the market at this point,  manufacturers are already been rolling out EVs that can be three times more efficient than conventional gas-powered vehicles as reported by the EPA.[1]

What’s the Difference? Electric vehicles run on an electric motor, while a conventional gas-powered counterpart uses an internal combustion engine. A well designed electric motor can be over 90% more efficient than an internal combustion engine.[2]  Additionally EVs have no tailpipe in their design  and  emit no greenhouse gases.

Brandeis University and its students is a proud to support the use of EVs. This summer, three dual electric vehicle stations were installed on campus, allowing for charging of up to six electric vehicles.  charge.

These EV stations are located at:

-  Gosman parking lot

             gosman lot

-  Admissions lot, next to the Slosberg Music Center

-  Tower lot, next to the Mandel Center for Humanities

Tower lot

Prior to the installation of these EV stations, the city of Waltham had a total of three public EV stations. Brandeis University will increase number with the allowance of public usage at the Gosman lot.   The current charge to users for use of  these stations of a small fee of 50 cents per transaction and 50 cents per hour of use.

This BSF project could not have been accomplished without the help, advice, and expertise of:

Laura Goldin - Director for the Environmental Studies Program
Lea Lupkin - Acting Sustainability Manager
Jerry Delaney - Electrical/Digging Contractor
Joe Castronovo - Electrical Supervisor
Kathleen Rosen - Voltrek Consultant