Learn to Grow!

Welcome to Learn to Grow! As environmentalists, we know how important it is to pass on our special connection with nature onto the next generation. We recognize that children’s sense of appreciation for the natural world has been dulled. It is becoming more frequent that children are not experiencing nature hands-on. In establishing the Lemberg Community Garden and an environmental curriculum, we provide an opportunity to rekindle the future generation’s connection to Earth. 
This curriculum engages staff members, students, and parents to create a sustainable and successful program. Through this program, we encourage Lemberg students to become more aware of nature and their environment. For the future, we wish to see a significant recognition of the value of nature amongst Lemberg students as they interact symbiotically with their environment.
Our project grew from a "Greening the Ivory Tower" class excursion to Lemberg to build garden boxes early in the semester. Since then, we have worked hard filling, planting, and tending the garden in addition to leading environmental programming with the children. Topics have included soil composition, compost, and nature walks. The students as well as the educators have enjoyed learning about urban agriculture and watching the garden’s growth throughout the semester.
We are looking forward to continuing this project for future Lemberg generations. We would like to extend a deep thanks to Howie Baker, Yen Theiu, Judy Fallows, and Laura Goldin for their encouragement and expertise.
Learn to Grow members: Jaime Korner, ’17; Sarah Lemelman ’16; Abigail Rothstein ‘17