DeisBikes was Brandeis’ original bicycle sharing program. It was launched in March 2009 as an initiative between students in the Brandeis Student Union and Professor Laura Goldin’s Greening the Ivory Tower class. Its goal was to decrease Brandeis’ community’s CO2 emission level by installing and promoting a biking culture. Through that, we not only want to improve the physical wellbeing of the Brandeis and Waltham community, but also to connect people to the nature when they cycle, exposed to the elements of nature rather than being cramped inside tinned cans. We also aim to help Brandeis community adopt and embrace green alternative means of transportation, rather than depending on cars or fossil fuel transportation.

This year, we plan to make DeisBikes more affordable and convenient by introducing DeisBikesLimeBike, a collaboration between Brandeis and LimeBike, a service company specialized in bike sharing. LimeBike offers dockless bike sharing to make it more convenient for students to ride and park at anywhere bike rack or designated bike parking area.

DeisBikes-LimeBike is open to everyone, whether you are Brandeisians or members of Waltham community.

A 30-minute ride is 50 cents for Brandeis students and employees!
Standard rate is $1 for everyone else – LimeBike is open to the general public.

How to find the nearest LimeBike?

Simply download the LimeBike app on your smart phone, view bikes on the map, walk to the nearest bike, then use the app to unlock the bike to ride. LimeBike is designed with the rider’s safety as a top priority. Each bike is equipped with anti-theft lock and alarm, double kickstand for parking stability, and front light.

How to pay for your ride?

The first ride is free! After that, you can link a credit card to your account to deposit credits to your LimeBike wallet for future use. You can deposit as little as $5 to use LimeBike. The deposit is refundable if you decide not to ride.

How to end a ride?

After parking the LimeBike at a proper bike parking location, simply push down the lever on the rear wheel to lock the bike. As soon as you lock the bike, the app will end the ride and provide you with a trip summary.

Who do I contact if I need support?

If/when you have concerns, please email LimeBike customer support at or call 1-888- LIME-345 or 1-888- 546-3345. You can also report issues through the LimeBike smart phone app.

Trang Nguyen