Recharge with the Sun

Our Project:

  • Installing 2 Solar-Powered-Picnic Tables next to the Brandeis Library, in the Fellows Garden.
  • Providing a space where students can plug in their laptops, phones, and tablets and do work outdoors with their peers.

Our Vision:

  • Creating an outdoor space for students, faculty, and guests where they can stay connected, do work, and interact positively with their environment.
  • Providing all-weather tables which allow students to enjoy the outdoors all year long.
  • Demonstrating Brandeis’ commitment to sustainability in a public way.
  • Saving Brandeis money on electricity and lowering the University’s carbon footprint and dependence on fossil fuels.
  • Considering that the tables may be “too” popular, there is the option to scale up the project by purchasing more in the future.


  • Purchasing 2 Carrier Glass Green Infrastructure’s Connectable HUBs.
    • 3/1 Solar Harvest to Output Power Ratio, 1kW robust solar array
    • Charges up to 75-150 mobile devices/day


We were inspired by sense of community, as well as the impact these tables had on other Universities and their school’s lowered carbon footprint. These tables have shown to bring students together in a green way, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability. This is what a student from UC Irvine had to say about the tables on their campus:

“We like the tables a lot. More importantly, the students really like them...Even during installation, the tables were drawing lots of attention from curious onlookers. The tables have become highly functional spaces for group study sessions with everyone plugged in.” -UC Irvine