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TapBrandeis is a campus-wide initiative by the Greening class that aims to change the way we consume water here at Brandeis. We call for an elimination of bottled water sales throughout the campus as well as installation of more hydration stations.

The commodification of water throughout the world has led to serious human rights concerns and numerous ethical, political and environmental violations by corporate giants. The enormous quantities of plastic water bottles used to sell privatized water also create major environmental damage. Reducing the sale of plastic water bottles on the Brandeis campus and raising awareness about the inequalities perpetuated by the bottled water industry will effectively contribute to fighting against environmental injustices and human rights violations while promoting sustainable change.


To encourage a behavioral change in students and to compensate for the restriction of bottled water sales on-campus, we will be implementing a number of campaigns and projects-

  • In order to make students aware about the reality of the bottled water industry, we ran a week-long Water Week with various events, including but not limited to, movie screening and water tasting.
  • We also took surveys to learn more about how Brandeis students felt about bottled water and the findings are promising. Brandeis students have signed 500+ (still counting) our petition to ban the sale of bottled water.
  • Utilizing the Brandeis Sustainability Fund, hydration stations—large, indoor and outdoor, fun-to-use water fountains— will be installed in several heavily trafficked locations around campus.
  • We will work to create easier, more convenient and affordable alternatives to buying bottled water on campus.
  • Many water fountains will also be retrofitted so that they have a spout that is specially designed for filling reusable water bottles.
  • Environmentally friendly reusable water bottles will be made much more accessible to students. We hope that each freshman at Orientation will receive a high quality water bottle and similar reusable water bottles will be sold around campus for a reasonable price, so there is without doubt no reason to ever buy bottled water.

 Environmental Impact The production and sale of bottled water compromises basic human rights and the integrity of the environment. Bottled water accounts for countless environmental issues: the destruction of land during pumping, the use of fossil fuels such as petroleum in the production of plastic, the leaching of harmful chemicals after bottles are thrown away and the nonrenewable nature of plastic. Serious human rights issues also arise as large water companies, such as Nestle, go into small towns and villages, in both the new and developing worlds, and deplete their natural, once-sustainable sources of water.

Campus Impact

The Brandeis population purchases  amounts of bottled waters daily. When accounting for the entire lifecycle of each bottle of water, this creates overwhelming amounts of waste. By eliminating the sale of bottled water, we will be making a large impact and statement throughout the Brandeis campus. In addition to greatly reducing the student body’s consumption of bottled water (as the only way to obtain it will be through outside sources), we hope that our campaign will bring awareness to the serious environmental and ethical implications. Integral to this initiative is changing the way we drink water on campus. Students, faculty, and staff can use this new awareness to promote change not only at Brandeis but among the greater community. We hope that many people will become more conscious of the environmental and social impacts of their purchases.

As you can see, the majority of the students would be happy with Brandeis’s decision to ban the sale of bottled water on campus. During the water week and after, a lot of students also mentioned that if there are more hydration stations, getting them to stop buying bottled water will not be a problem at all.

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Tap Brandeis Members
Alina Pokhrel’15
Emma Balmuth-Loris’14
Jamie Garuti’15
Jeremy Goodman’14
Sara Taylor’16

Contact us: tapbrandeis@brandeis.edu