Trails and Mapping

A Stream that runs through Sachar WoodsThe Brandeis campus features approximately 40 acres of beautiful open space behind the Sachar building with wetlands, deciduous forest, fire pits and relaxing streams and brooks. Due to lack of awareness and maps, much of the open space is underappreciated and underexplored. 

Trails enhance our communities by making them more enjoyable and livable; they preserve and restore much needed open space; and they provide opportunities to improve our physical and mental health through outdoor physical activity. Access to trails brings people closer to their environment, and allows them to be educated about why preservation of our environment is so important.

GPS dayTo connect Brandeis students and others to this wonderful resource, we developed maps of these open spaces. We also created a map of key "green" locations on campus, from the wetlands to the green buildings.

We used GPS devices to plot our locations while walking to create a path. We also marked waypoints on the trail whenever we observed something of interest (fire pits, stream crossings, stone walls, etc.). For the trail to be useful, we obtained aerial maps from the Waltham Land Trust, and used GIS software to overlay the paths on the map.

The Final Results

View a map of the environmentally sustainable features on campus.

View a map of the Sachar Woods, complete with trails and notable locations. The woods are located behind Brandeis International Business School. Download the Sachar Woods brochure. (PDF)

View a map of Prospect Hill Park in Waltham. It is much larger than the Sachar Woods, and is located directly north of Brandeis. To get there, upon exiting Brandeis’ main entrance, make a left on South Street, cross Main Street and walk down Prospect Hill Road.

Team Members

Ayal Weiner-Kaplow, Ken Yeoh and Simon Schreier