Academic Notes

  • A passing grade in any 30-level Spanish language course is required for the major in Latin American and Latino studies. This can be substituted by a reading competency examination in Spanish or Portuguese. Another foreign language spoken in Latin America or the Caribbean may be substituted with the permission of the LALS committee.
  • Candidates for the degree with honors in Latin American and Latino studies must be approved by the committee and must complete LALS 99d, a two-semester senior thesis.
  • No course with a final grade below C-minus can count toward the LALS major.

Requirements for the Major

The major in Latin American and Latino Studies consists of nine semester courses. No more than four of the nine required courses may be from the same department, and no more than two courses may be electives requiring a paper to count for LALS.

Following is a list of required courses:

One of the following:
LALS 100a Seminar: Topics in Latin American and Latino Studies
An upper-level writing-intensive seminar to be designated as fulfilling the seminar requirement
Two classes in the Social Sciences:
HIST 71a Latin American History: Preconquest to 1870
HIST 71b Latin American History: 1870 to the Present
POL 144a Latin American Politics I
POL 144b Latin American Politics II
Two classes in the Humanities:
AAAS 133b The Literature of the Caribbean
ENG 107a Caribbean Women Writers
ENG 127b Migrating Bodies, Migrating Texts
HISP 111b Introduction to Latin American Literature
HISP 164b Studies in Latin American Literature
HISP 167b Colonial Imaginaries and Postcolonial Fictions in the Americas
Four semester courses from among the following:
See list of courses in the online Brandeis University Bulletin.