Students in front of the Peace Palace in The Hague.

Special Programs

Brandeis in The Hague

An intensive academic experience open to students in all fields of study, the program covers a wide range of global concerns, combining classroom study and immersion in the international law networks associated with this famous “International City of Peace and Justice.”

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Examining the law's role in broad aspects of social life

The Legal Studies Program considers problems and perspectives that reach across most academic disciplines and practical fields taught at Brandeis.

This interdepartmental program presents law in the broad context of history, economics, politics, philosophy, literature and the sciences; and traces law’s impact within the fields of health, business, environment and creative arts. The scope of legal concerns ranges from the local (states and communities), to the national, and to the global (regions and international bodies).

The Legal Studies Program at Brandeis does not provide professional legal training; it gives undergraduates access to a venerable field of human expression, where rigorous learning combines with reflective practice.

Current Issues at Brandeis:

Legal Studies has been following current campus events during an intense period of discussion on matters of race and justice.  We support the aspirations of Concerned Students 2015, and other students, in provoking a more concrete debate on these issues.  And we share their vision for a more inclusive campus environment.  There is every reason to hope that respectful dialogue can lead to tangible improvements in the months and years ahead.  As a field of study, Law confronts broad questions about justice, approached by way of critical thinking and practical action.  Our experience of working with Brandeis students gives us confidence that their energy and skills can contribute to a better future not only for the campus, but for our larger society.

Richard Gaskins, Director of the Legal Studies Program