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The Office of the Registrar and the University Bulletin provide the official requirements and course descriptions for every academic department at Brandeis.

Refer to the bulletin's "legal studies" section for the most up-to-date information on requirements for the minor and course descriptions.

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Requirements for Minor

A. Core course: LGLS 10a (Introduction to Law), preferably no later than the student's junior year.

B. One LGLS 100 or higher course or cross-listed course (AMST 60a, AMST 188b, PHIL 13b, and all IGS/LGLS courses).

C. Three additional LGLS courses, cross-listed courses or electives. If students choose to fulfill this requirement with three elective courses, no more than two can be from the same department or program.

D. An internship (LGLS 89a) arranged through the legal studies office. For this requirement, students may substitute one of the following:

  1. A senior thesis in the student's major, supervised by the major department, which includes some aspect of law (requires prior approval of LGLS Program Director).
  2. Either LGLS 161b Advocacy for Policy Change or IGS/LGLS 185b as part of The Hague Summer Program. If used as a substitute for the internship, the course may not also be counted toward B. above.
  3. An assigned internship in The Hague Semester Program (IGS/LGLS 92b or approved substitute).
  4. LGLS 98bj as part of the Justice Brandeis Semester: Health, Law and Justice program.

E. No course for which a student receives a grade below a C-, nor any course taken pass/fail, may be counted toward the minor.