Support Offices

The Office of Research Administration (ORA) is responsible for the review, submission and acceptance of grants and contracts for research, education and public service. ORA acts as the institutional pre-award administration office and is responsible for projects with external sponsors, as well as the negotiation and acceptance of any resulting grants and/or contracts from those sponsors.

The Office of Technology Licensing takes Brandeis inventions and innovations discovered by our researchers and provides the appropriate support and infrastructure to allow technology development, commercialization and, ultimately, the development of products.

Sponsored Programs Accounting ensures faculty and staff comply with all regulatory and budgetary requirements; maintains contact with funders to administer grants and ensure policies and procedures are followed; and facilitates the progress of sponsored projects.

The Brandeis libraries provide access to a wealth of information resources in many formats. Subject librarians are available to support the research endeavors of the university and for scholars at all stages of their careers.