Student Research

Figuring out what you really want to do in life can take some research.
male student conducting a science experiment in lab with test tubes

Undergraduate Research

At Brandeis, undergraduates have the chance to work alongside faculty researchers, even a Nobel laureate. They also lead their own research projects. Our undergraduates have co-authored hundreds of peer-reviewed research articles in scientific journals and jump-started their careers in academia, industry, government and the nonprofit sector. The library provides support for student research; contact a subject librarian as your entry point or for a referral with research. Additionally, practicum courses can involve research, lab work, community-based learning activities, theater, art, or project-based work. Experiential Learning and Teaching at Brandeis keeps a list of all courses and practica that utilize experiential learning.

Graduate Research

classics student with Ann Olga Koloski-OstrowIf advanced study is part of your plan, here’s how we do it: through small classes, faculty mentorship, and close collaboration with fellow students and professors. And we make it financially feasible. The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Brandeis International Business School and the Heller School for Social Policy and Management all offer scholarships, grants, fellowships and internships, as well as lifetime career support, to help make your professional dream a reality.

Student Research in the News

Dual MS/MBA student researches space exploration

What’s it like doing research as a student in the neuroscience lab of a Nobel Prize winner?

Brenda Lemos and Danielle Gallagher look at how cells go about fixing double strand breaks in DNA.

Recent Student Publications

Names of undergraduate students from Brandeis are indicated below in bold face
Mascarenhas R, Le HV, Clevenger KD, Lehrer HJ, Ringe D, Kelleher NL, Silverman RB, Liu D. Selective Targeting by a Mechanism-Based Inactivator against Pyridoxal 5′-Phosphate-Dependent Enzymes: Mechanisms of Inactivation and Alternative Turnover. Biochemistry. 2017.

Zhang H, Wu B, Marquard SL, Litle ED, Dickie DA, Bezpalko MW, Foxman BM, Thomas CM. Investigation of Ketone C═O Bond Activation Processes by Heterobimetallic Zr/Co and Ti/Co Tris(phosphinoamide) Complexes. Organometallics. 2017.

Zhou N, Cao Z, Xu B. Functional Hyper Crosslinkers. Chemistry. 2017.

Last NB, Sun S, Pham MC, Miller C. Molecular determinants of permeation in a fluoride-specific ion channel. eLife. 2017;6.

Rossetti T, Banerjee S, Kim C, Leubner M, Lamar C, Gupta P, Lee B, Neve R, Lisman J. Memory Erasure Experiments Indicate a Critical Role of CaMKII in Memory Storage. Neuron. 2017;96(1):207-16 e2.

Gutchess A, Garner L, Ligouri L, Konuk AI, Boduroglu A. Culture impacts the magnitude of the emotion-induced memory trade-off effect. Cogn Emot. 2017:1-8.