Brandeis Researchers in the News

Our faculty make an impact — in the classroom and in the field. As intellectual pioneers and engaged scholars, faculty in every discipline garner top awards and recognition for inspiring outstanding work.

Jill Greenlee
Jill Greenlee
Associate Professor of Politics

Professor Jill Greenlee teaches American Politics, Political Behavior, Political Socialization, Public Opinion, Women and Politics, Racial Attitudes, and Research Methods at Brandeis University. Her current scholarship investigates the relationships between major life cycle events, such as becoming a parent, and the political attitudes and behaviors of ordinary citizens. More broadly, she is interested in how individuals change politically as they move through the life course. The Atlantic recently talked to her for an article, Moms Running for Office Are Finally Advertising Their Motherhood.

Brian Donahue
Brian Donahue
Associate Professor of American Environmental Studies

A study co-authored by Professor Brian Donahue, a New England forestry and farming historian, finds that New England is losing 65 acres of forest a day to land conversion. Donahue and his peers from across the region urge people to consider a new outlook on woodlands, wildlands and food production in “Wildlands and Woodlands: Farmlands and Communities”. Read about the project in BrandeisNOW.

john plotz
John Plotz
Professor and Chair of English Department and President of the Society for Novel Studies

John Plotz's book, Semi-Detached: The Aesthetics of Virtual Experience since Dickens, is published by Princeton University Press. His past accomplishments include a Guggenheim Fellowship and a young-adult novel, Time and the Tapestry: a William Morris Adventure. Read more about his latest book.

Sociology Faculty Wendy Cadge
Wendy Cadge
Q&A with Professor Wendy Cadge

Wendy Cadge is a Professor in the Sociology Department at Brandeis University. She teaches and writes about religion in the contemporary United States, especially as related to healthcare, immigration and sexuality. Most recently, she received funding from the Henry Luce Foundation and the Economic & Social Research Council in the United Kingdom. Tessa Venell, in the Office of the Vice Provost for Research at Brandeis University, spoke with Wendy about what she’s working on this year. Check out this edited version of their conversation.

Photo at night of the science center
AAAS Fellows announced
Edward Hackett, Gina Turrigiano, and Leslie Griffith

The American Association for the Advancement of Science honors three Brandeis scholars. Edward Hackett, Vice Provost for Research; Gina Turrigiano, Joseph Levitan Professor of Vision Science; and Leslie Griffith, Professor of Biology and Director of the Volen National Center for Complex Systems were named Fellows. The title is one of the most prestigious designations in academia.