Students participating in community service projects

Community Voices

"I think participating in the community outside of Brandeis is incredibly valuable for both our partners and us as students. It teaches us that there is more to learning than sitting in a classroom, and that people from diverse backgrounds can work and develop together. Through Waltham Group we learn to use our mind and our heart to expand ideas, solve problems and build meaningful relationships." ~Sadye Sagov '13

"Being in the Waltham Group is rewarding as it is reassuring; its comforting to know that there is a large group of like-minded, service oriented people who want to help just as much as I do." ~Nimrod Deiss-Yehiely '12

"I am continually impressed by the commitment and heart of the Waltham Group students, who, on top of their packed schedules with classes and schoolwork, make a real commitment to improving the lives of so many in Waltham and the world at large. They set a wonderful example for us all." ~ Kelly Whiffen, Community Service Department Coordinator

"The Waltham Group students are some of the most caring, responsible and friendly students I have worked with." ~ Michelle Ercoline, Friend of the Waltham Group

Community Voices

“It constantly amazes and centers me that so many people care about helping others and giving back to our community. The sheer number of people that are involved in our programs and attend our events, both in Waltham Group and the Blood Drive, makes my heart swell with pride at the kinds of students that we have at Brandeis.” ~Jenna Rubin '11

"Volunteering with Waltham Group has been the most meaningful part of my Brandeis experience. Coming together with other Brandeis students who truly want to make a difference in both our, and Waltham's, community is really inspiring. In terms of volunteering, it always amazes me that no matter how stressed out I am before leaving campus, once I am volunteering with my kids in their classes - all of my worries just disappear and I come back to campus feeling so rejuvenated. I've found volunteering to definitely be a two-way street: the volunteer and community both get so much out of it!" ~Lara Solinsky '11

"Follow your heart, use your voice, and share yourself as you connect with someone; you may just be surprised at what you learn about yourself." ~Lucas Malo, Director of Community Service

"Students at Brandeis find fulfillment through helping others. I volunteer with Waltham Group because it brings together our community and makes me feel and see the tangible positive impact community service can have on making the world a better place." ~Amber Kornreich '12

Community Voices

"I have made so many lasting Waltham Group friendships, both at Brandeis and in the Waltham Community!" ~Anne Blackstock-Bernstein '09

"Never underestimate the value of even an hour of community service." ~Josh Bellet '10 

"Working with kids, and volunteering in general, is one of those rare opportunities in life when you can really accomplish something bigger than yourself.  It's these types of altruistic acts that, even though they may seem difficult in the process, make you a truly better person in the end.  There's really nothing like it." ~Josh Hochman '09

"Volunteering not only enabled me to learn more about the community around me, but also about myself. Through tutoring I helped a young girl gain confidence in her abilities and learned how to look at material differently myself. By volunteering in the hospital I witnessed how even small gestures, like smiling at a person, can have a significant impact on the patient's overall experience. As a volunteer I have not only been able to actively help others around me, but I have also been able to put my own life in perspective in order to determine my own values." ~Ruairi Smith-Dewey '13

"Volunteering was the single most important event that shaped my time at Brandeis. As a Brandeis student, you are surrounded by amazing resources and volunteer opportunities that are just waiting for you to take advantage of. By starting to volunteer as a Freshman, I was able to see the growth of Waltham Kids Club over four years. Watching kids grow up and thrive in part because of my time and efforts was rewarding beyond words. However, my volunteer time did not only affect the populations I served, it also had a profound impact on my personal growth. Through volunteering, I was able to learn about my leadership strengths, understand my areas of improvement, and develop a clearer vision of where my service work will be heading in the future." ~Sarah Johnson '13

Within Community Comes Unity

The Department of Community Service, with a slogan of "Within Community Comes Unity" is dedicated to providing students, faculty logoand staff with relevant volunteer experiences that match the needs of our neighbors, as well as the skills and interests of our student volunteers. The department seeks to establish sustainable and reciprocal partnerships with local social service, governmental, educational and cultural agencies as we advise and support community service initiatives. 

Our endeavors include fostering a community member who is civically engaged as an advocate, volunteer and educated citizen. We strive to embody the pillars of the university and core values of the Division of Student Life and Success through experiential service opportunities, collaboration with the academy and intentional reflection.

Student service outreach is done primarily through the Waltham Group, a student-led community service organization.

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