Students participating in community service projects

Community Voices

"I think participating in the community outside of Brandeis is incredibly valuable for both our partners and us as students. It teaches us that there is more to learning than sitting in a classroom, and that people from diverse backgrounds can work and develop together. Through Waltham Group we learn to use our mind and our heart to expand ideas, solve problems and build meaningful relationships." ~Sadye Sagov '13

"Volunteering has given me the opportunity to learn about other volunteers, the people I'm impacting, and enabled me to develop a heightened awareness of the importance of community service. I've learned more about the resilience of others from my unpaid volunteer experiences than I ever have in the classroom. I have been motivated to make a positive difference in the world thanks to these opportunities." ~Caitlin Buegeler '15

Community Voices

"Volunteering allowed me to meet the most amazing students on campus, connect with Waltham Residents, and gain valuable leadership experiences that I can bring to real-world responsibilities." ~Petra Nelson '15

"Volunteering with Waltham Group has been the most meaningful part of my Brandeis experience. Coming together with other Brandeis students who truly want to make a difference in both our, and Waltham's, community is really inspiring. In terms of volunteering, it always amazes me that no matter how stressed out I am before leaving campus, once I am volunteering with my kids in their classes - all of my worries just disappear and I come back to campus feeling so rejuvenated. I've found volunteering to definitely be a two-way street: the volunteer and community both get so much out of it!" ~Lara Solinsky '11

Community Voices

"[Volunteering helped] me connect with my peers, elevate my community, and be the change I wish to see in the world. It helped me learn more about myself, explore new interests, and cement my desire to give back to the world by becoming a doctor. I saw how some of my volunteer efforts impacted those who benefited from them and I know how much of a difference even one person can really make." ~Benjamin Beron '15

"Volunteering not only enabled me to learn more about the community around me, but also about myself...By volunteering in the hospital I witnessed how even small gestures, like smiling at a person, can have a significant impact on the patient's overall experience. As a volunteer I have not only been able to actively help others around me, but I have also been able to put my own life in perspective in order to determine my own values." ~Ruairi Smith-Dewey '13

Within Community Comes Unity

The Department of Community Service, with a slogan of "Within Community Comes Unity" is dedicated to providing students, faculty logoand staff with relevant volunteer experiences that match the needs of our neighbors, as well as the skills and interests of our student volunteers. The department seeks to establish sustainable and reciprocal partnerships with local social service, governmental, educational and cultural agencies as we advise and support community service initiatives. 

Our endeavors include fostering a community member who is civically engaged as an advocate, volunteer and educated citizen. We strive to embody the pillars of the university and core values of the Division of Student Life and Success through experiential service opportunities, collaboration with the academy and intentional reflection.

Student service outreach is done primarily through the Waltham Group, a student-led community service organization.

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