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All questions and concerns about the Community Advisor program may be directed to James Reed, Assistant Director of Operations and Community Development, at


The 2015-2016 Community Advisor team on First-Year Opening day.

Who are CAs?

Community Advisors (CAs) are student staff members who support the growth of intentional communities in our residence halls. CAs are peer advisors, relationship builders, residential programmers, community standards enforcers, supporters of Brandeis’ academic mission, and valued members of the Community Living administrative team. Currently, 73 CAs work to support students and build opportunities for connection and community in Brandeis’ residence halls.

Our Model

Our current programming model, the DCL Scales of Programming, is a new feature built into the CA Program this year that is a point of pride in our office. CAs develop active and passive programs each month in dimensions ranging from emotional to environmental as a means of providing social and educational opportunities outside of the classroom that can connect back to students’ academic lives at Brandeis. In addition, CAs develop area-wide programming initiatives in each of our residential spaces in their staff teams. More information on the DCL Scales of Programming is provided on the “DCL Scales of Programming” page.

New Midyear Opportunity

Beginning this year, students now have two opportunities to apply for the Community Advisor position. In addition to the typical selection process for next academic year that typically begins in January, our office will now offer the chance to apply for a limited number of midyear spots beginning in mid-November. Ideal candidates are Brandeis undergraduate students who have lived on campus for at least a year prior to applying, are in good academic and judicial standing, and who are looking for an exciting, challenging student leadership opportunity within Brandeis’ residential communities.

Learn more about the selection process on the CA Recruitment & Selection page.

Nominate a CA

We're in the process of hiring Community Advisors for the Spring 2016 semester and for the 2016-2017 academic year. If you know someone who would be great for the role, please fill out a CA Nomination Form today! An automatic e-mail will be sent to the nominee letting them know that someone believes they are a good match for the role and inviting them to apply. More information on the CA role can be found on the CA Selection page.