Room Selection 2017

Room Selection News

Room Selection Process Concludes & Next Steps

The room selection process for 2017-2018 has concluded and all spaces in the process have been selected at this point. Students who were assigned a number in the process and who were unable to select have automatically been placed on the pending assignments list. We will review this list as spaces open up and will try to work with as many students as possible to provide on-campus housing options.

We will have more information to share with students still seeking on-campus housing closer to the deadline for students to decline on-campus housing without penalty on May 1st. If you are a student on the pending assignments list who has decided to go off-campus or who otherwise no longer requires on-campus housing, please make sure to complete the Decline from Housing form on our Forms and Resources page. 

If you have questions or concerns about next steps, please feel free to call our office or to come in - we are happy to assist you! 

Important Dates

January 31 - Deadline to request a housing accommodation

February 15 - Deadline to apply for room selection

March 15 - Room selection numbers released

March 27- 28 - Study abroad room selection

March 27 - 31 - Rising sophomore room selection

April 3 - 7 - Upperclass room selection

  • April 3 - 6 Person Ridgewood & Mods spaces
  • April 4 - 4 Person Ridgewood & Mods spaces
  • April 5 - Ziv and 2 Bedroom Charles River spaces
  • April 6 - Efficiency, 3 Bedroom, and 5 Bedroom Charles River spaces

Floor Plans

Traditional Style Suite Style Apartment Style
East - Hassenfeld Hall Rosenthal East 110 Charles River
East - Pomerantz Hall Rosenthal North 150 Charles River
Rosenthal South 164 Charles River
The Village Ziv 127 178 Charles River
Ziv 128 Foster Mods
Ziv 129 Ridgewood A
Ziv 130 Ridgewood B
Ridgewood C

If you have any questions that were not answered at the information sessions, the Room Selection Guide, or the FAQ page please feel free to contact us at