Room Selection 2017

Room Selection News

Room Selection 2017 is coming up soon!

The selection process for on-campus spaces starts with the release of priority numbers on March 15, 2017! We are currently in the process of updating our website and materials to reflect changes happening this year; our updated room selection guide is now up and available as are building breakdowns and floor plans. Statistics for the past three years of room selection will be up within the week. 

DCL is hosting a room selection information session on Monday, March 20th from 12 - 1 PM in Usdan International Lounge! More information to come via electronic mail and our updated website.

Important Dates

January 31 - Deadline to request a housing accommodation

February 15 - Deadline to apply for room selection

March 15 - Room selection numbers released

March 27- 28 - Study abroad room selection

March 27 - 31 - Rising sophomore room selection

April 3 - 7 - Upperclass room selection

  • April 3 - 6 Person Ridgewood & Mods spaces
  • April 4 - 4 Person Ridgewood & Mods spaces
  • April 5 - Ziv and 2 Bedroom Charles River spaces
  • April 6 - Efficiency, 3 Bedroom, and 5 Bedroom Charles River spaces

Floor Plans

Traditional Style Suite Style Apartment Style
East - Hassenfeld Hall Rosenthal East 110 Charles River
East - Pomerantz Hall Rosenthal North 150 Charles River
Rosenthal South 164 Charles River
The Village Ziv 127 178 Charles River
Ziv 128 Foster Mods
Ziv 129 Ridgewood A
Ziv 130 Ridgewood B
Ridgewood C

If you have any questions that were not answered at the information sessions, the Room Selection Guide, or the FAQ page please feel free to contact us at