Research Areas

Music and Music Therapy; Collaboration and Leadership; Spirituality and Creativity; Transforming Systems; Law


J.D., Harvard Law School 

M.A., University of Michigan

B.A., Mount Holyoke College


Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

H20, Community Health Initiative


Cheryl Conner

Cheryl Conner

Cheryl Conner

Cheryl is a lawyer, economist and change-agent, who brings an integrative perspective to teaching, the arts and social action. As a lawyer and professor, she speaks nationally about integrating spiritual and holistic perspectives to law practice and education and was named a Legal Rebel by the American Bar Association. As an economist and business professor, she questions mainstream approaches and teaches about alternative business models which foster democracy and community. In 2012 she founded H2O, an initiatve to empower communities in creating local economic models for personal health and wellness, which has its first pilot project in S. Vermont. She continues to teach as well as to consult with: social activists, business seeking a new way of doing things, and women leaders seeking inspiration and mutual support. 

Music is a long-standing interest of Cheryl's. She is a pianist and composer, who in recent years has expanded this core interest by composing solo piano "meditations", choral compositions and musicals intended to foster: contemplative experience, deeper connections with nature and inspiration for democratic action. Her composition "Our Song", a Chorale based on the text of the Declaration of Independence, is one example.

Current Projects

1. The Music of Cross-Collaboration-Essays. 2. Psalms for the New Earth: Completing book of prosed inspired by the Psalms and Mother
Nature, inviting the reader into a new relationship with the Natural World and Spirit. Materials are being developed as talks, workshops and retreats relating to personal development, creativity and leadership.

Representative Publications

“Our Song”: A Declaration of Independence Chorale, performed by members of Tanglewood Festival Chorus.