Research Areas

Women’s Empowerment and Wellbeing; International Development; Gender; Microfinance; Poverty


M.A., Brandeis University

B.A., Institute of International Business and Economics, Mongolia

B.S., Irkutsk School of Meteorology, Russia


Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Odgerel Dashzeveg

Odgerel Dashzeveg

Odgerel Dashzeveg

Odgerel Dashzeveg is an international development professional with extensive work experience in the social and economic development fields, particularly in developing countries. She is an expert in poverty alleviation, rural community development, non-formal education, gender awareness and microfinance. Odgerel has worked with a number of national and international development agencies including the United Nations, Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), National Poverty Alleviation Program (NPAP) Mongolia and Women’s Federation of Mongolia.

After pursuing her master’s degree at Brandeis, she has broadened her experience in affordable housing, family self-sufficiency, non-profit fundraising and philanthropy while working with WATCH, a community development organization in Waltham as well as the NeighborWorks America, a community reinvestment corporation in Boston.

Odgerel serves as a consultant and board member for the Training Evaluation and Research Institute (TERI), Mongolia. TERI, Mongolia was created by Brandeis fellow-graduates in 2009.

Current Projects

The project focuses on examining social and domestic disturbances that affect women’s mental, physical and emotional stage of well-being. It also analyzes the trade-offs of social benefits that Mongolian women face between past socialism and current democracy. An integrated social support is vital for women to be more proactive, productive and efficient in balancing their work, family and wellness.

Representative Publications