Research Areas

Visual Art; Graphic Design; Fine Art Photography


M.F.A, Boston University

M.S.W, Simmons College

B.A., Brandeis University


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Fran Forman Art

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Fran Forman

Fran Forman

Fran Forman

My artistic process is an act of intuition, investigation, and the construction and amalgam of, at first glance, seemingly random objects. These dream-like visions and altered habitats are constructed of photographs I’ve taken with a variety of cameras, as well as discarded portraits of long-forgotten ancestors.

Yet these constructed images are intended to evoke a sense of transience, longing, memory, and, despite our yearning for connectedness, the dislocation we all too often experience.

Experimenting with light, form, texture, and color In composing my images, I pay tribute to the collage artists and pictorialists of the late 19th century, as well as to the magic realists and surrealists who followed. I also draw inspiration from color-field painters such as Rothko and from artists who use vibrant color, visual narratives and symbolism to contemplate the human condition. I am indebted to, among others, the juxtaposed assemblages of Cornell, the surrealism of Magritte, and the poetry and photography of Duane Michals.

Current Projects

I plan to complete my book of images and poetry and to continue teaching my craft. As my artwork continues to evolve and develop, I hope to increase its visibility on a national and international stage. I’m fully aware, however, that today’s economic challenges present new obstacles, but visually expressing the themes of global and natural connections are more pressing than ever.

Representative Publications

Forman, Fran. A Jack Kerouac Romnibus, Penguin 1996. Electronic book in a CD-rom format based on the life, times and literature of the Beat author, Jack Kerouac.

Forman, Fran. Becoming Americans, Strawbery Banke Museum, 1998. A CD–rom and multi- media exhibit based on the life of an early 20th- century Jewish immigrant girl and her family, for Strawbery Banke Museum in Portsmouth, NH, a living museum.