Research Areas

Visual Arts (photography and mixed media); Neuropsychology and Behavioral Neurology; Medical Ethics


Ph.D., The Ohio State University

M.A., The Ohio State University

B.A., Allegheny College

Cheri Geckler

Cheri Geckler

Cheri Geckler

Cheri is a clinical neuropsychologist and photo- graphic/mixed media artist. As a neuropsychologist, Cheri was a member of the clinical faculties at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School and Tufts Medical Center/Tufts University School of Medicine. Postgraduate education and training contributed to Cheri’s expertise in lifespan clinical neuropsychology and behavioral neurology, and subsequent service to patients in the specialities of psychiatry and neurology.

Cheri’s involvement in social activism is centered on creating women’s art collaboratives to promote economic well being, and physical and emotional health for individual women and their families. Cheri’s involvements are in Guatemala and Haiti.

Photography is a long standing interest of Cheri’s, and she has exhibited in local galleries and libraries. Over the past several years, she has expanded this core interest into mixed media art where the focus is upon microscopic forms, the environment, and the abstract use of color and light.

Current Projects

This year Cheri will expand her photographic art by focusing on man made and micro scale biological materials. She will also teach 1-2 workshops for adolescent girls on integrating written narrative with photographic images. Cheri’s commitment to environmental issues will be implemented through a tree planting and restoration project in Haiti. 

Representative Publications

Born, P. and C. Geckler. “HMO Quality and Financial Performance: Is There a Connection?” Journal of Health Care Finance 24.1 (1998): 65- 77.

Geckler, Cheri. Medical Practice Perspectives and Decision Making in Medical Residents, A Working Paper Series. Wellesley, MA: Wellesley College Center for Research on Women, 1997.