Research Areas

International Development; Gender; Violence; Urban Community; Nation


M.Phil., Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University

M.A., Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University

B.A., Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University


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Rajashree Ghosh

Rajashree Ghosh

Rajashree Ghosh

Rajashree Ghosh has worked in the field of social development in the arenas of gender, education, health, and environment. She has worked for the United Nations World Food Programme in India and has successfully liaised with Government, non-profit and multilateral agencies. She has translated her expertise into action research in remote corners of India and beyond. With an academic background in Sociology, she has combined knowledge in theory and practical experience gained in India and the U.S.

At the WSRC, her research project raises key issues related to land tenure in informal urban settlements in India. While this collaborative project seeks to provide “an opportunity for urban justice,” translating legal sanctions into practicality especially with eviction and tenure remains a continuous challenge. Along with partner organizations, Rajashree will take on this vital and imminent need to enhance women’s security of tenure. It is hoped that this study will also support advocacy at grassroots level and inform policy on redressing discrepancies in women’s land ownership rights in urban contemporary India.

The WSRC project represents Rajashree’s interest in gender issues in specific cultural contexts. She continues to maintain strong ties with her community and plans on a sustained global discourse on gender.

Current Projects

Situated in the Indian context my project focuses on gender inequities that plague its urban landscape. Slum-dwellers in urban India are disregarded as citizens and lack voice and visibility. The project is particularly inclusive of emerging initiatives combating violence against women in underserved urban areas. Additionally, along with strategic partners, our efforts inform policy on advancing women’s rights to land.

Representative Publications

Ghosh, Rajashree. “Unsafe India for Women”, India New England, February 2014.

Ghosh, Rajashree. “Revisiting the issue of women’s rights in India,” India New England, December 2013.