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Laurie Kahn

Laurie Kahn

Laurie Kahn is interested in telling compelling, visually interesting stories that don’t normally find their way to the screen. Laurie’s film A Midwife’s Tale was part of PBS’s The American Experience series and won numerous awards including a national Emmy for Outstanding Non-fiction. Her more recent film, TUPPERWARE! won the George Foster Peabody Award and was nominated for a national Best Nonfiction Director Emmy. Both films are used in courses on women’s history, medical history, early American history, obstetrics, midwifery, 20th century history, marketing and gender studies. Laurie also conceived of and produced an award winning website,, that immerses its users in the hands-on process of piecing together the life of an extraordinary person in the past. Kahn’s film company, Blueberry Hill Productions, was founded in 1992. During the 1980s and early 1990s, she worked on many award-winning documentary series, including The American Experience, Eyes on the Prize: America’s Civil Rights Years 1954-1965, and Frontline Special Report: Crisis in Central America. For the past four years Laurie has directed the Creativity Foundation. She has also been a consultant for the American Film Institute, The Smithsonian Institution, and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Before working in film, she worked in radio for NPR’s evening news program All Things Considered. Current Projects: Laurie Kahn is currently the Project Director of the Popular Romance Project, which includes a documentary film about the global community of women who write and read romance novels (Love Between the Covers is now in production), a large interactive website exploring popular romance across time and across cultures, a nationwide library program with the American Library Association, and a symposium on the deep roots of romance fiction and its future in the digital age at the Library of Congress.

Current Projects

I am developing several projects that will begin as innovative websites (taking advantage of the participatory, cyberlearning potential of the internet) -- and then evolve into feature-length documentary films for national broadcast. I am also collaborating on a Broadway musical based on my last documentary film.

Representative Publications

The Popular Romance Project

Blueberry Hill Productions

Tupperware! (the film)