Research Areas

Mental Health; Women’s Health; Health Insurance Reform; World Peace


Ph.D., Brandeis University

M.S., Boston University

B.S., Johns Hopkins University


Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

June Ellen Mendelson

June Ellen Mendelson

June Ellen Mendelson

June Ellen Mendelson is an advocate for universal health care, with a focus on mental health. At the center of her concern is that the current reform will bring about a comprehensive and effective mental health care system.

June Ellen is an active member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), a non-profit organization that advocates for better care for the mentally ill, and support for the caregivers. NAMI members include families caring for a person with severe mental illness, such as schizophrenia, depression, or post traumatic stress disorder.

A focus of her current research concerns the multiple problems faced by families caring for the mentally ill in this economic crisis. The literature documents the objective burden and subjective distress of families, the stigma, and the failure of health professionals to help. There are many research questions to determine how to best care for the mentally ill in the family and in the community.

Current Projects

I continue to focus on the problems faced by families caring for a family member with mental illness. Families need an understanding of mental illness and its treatment as they are the caretakers in mental health care today.

Representative Publications

Mendelson, June E. and Serena Domolky.  “The Courts and Elective Abortions Under Medicaid.”  The University of Chicago Social Service Review (March 1980).

Mendelson, June E., Maryanna Warmoth, and Jack H. Mendelson.  “Effects of Magnesium on Metabolism of Isolated Cerebral Tissues.”  Bol. Inst. Estud. Med. Biol., Mex. 22 (1964): 231-40.