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Meet the Scholars

Pnina Geraldine Abir-Am

History of Science; Women and Gender in Science; Public Memory of Science; Science Related Theatre and Film; Science Policy for Gender Equality

Penina Hannah Adelman

Women in the Bible; Biblical Midrash; Women’s Folklore; Coming-of-Age Rituals Cross-Culturally; Issues of Pre-teen Jewish Girls

Nancer Ballard

Creative Writing; Law

Ornit Barkai

Documentary Film, Mass Media, Social Media, Social Memory, Multicultural Memorialization

Rosalind C. Barnett

After-School Stress; Work-Family; Gender; Job Stress-Illness Relationship; Dual-Earner Couples

Mary G. Berg

Latin American Literature; Cuban Writers; Spanish-English Translation

Helen A. Berger

Witchcraft and Contemporary Paganism; Women’s Spirituality; Goddess Worship; New Religious Movements

Linda Bond

Installation Art; Women’s Empowerment & Wellbeing as a Pathway to Peace; Art & Activism

Meg A. Bond

Workplace Diversity; Community Psychology; Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Alexandra Borrie

Performance; Stage Direction; Acting; Dance; Chamber Pieces

Marguerite Bouvard

Restorative Justice; Women’s Rights in India; Health care of Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan; Care of the Homeless; Poetry

Terry Byrne

Theater; History; Arts; Journalism

Ann W. Caldwell

Philanthropy; Nonprofit Management; Women’s Leadership

Cheryl L. Conner

Music and Music Therapy; Collaboration and Leadership; Spirituality and Creativity; Transforming Systems; Law

Emily S. Corbató


Nicola Curtin

Gender; Social and Personality Psychology; Social Identity; Social Change; Collective Action

Liane Curtis

Women and Music; Music Criticism; Musicology

Odgerel Dashzeveg

Women’s Empowerment and Wellbeing; International Development; Gender; Microfinance; Poverty

Paula Doress-Worters

Women as Political Activists; History of Women in the U.S.; Women’s Health and Sexuality; Aging and Family Caregiving Roles; Women, Aging and Ageism

Andrea L. Dottolo

Feminist Psychology; Social Identities; Qualitative Research

Nurit Eini-Pindyck

Visual Arts

Susan Eisenberg

Arts and Public Policy; Poetry; Mixed Media Installation; Occupational Segregation; Medical Humanities

Mei Mei Akwai Ellerman

Memoir; Modern Day Slavery; Adoption Issues; Gender and International Development; Chinese History

Rachel Joffe Falmagne

Psychology; Feminist Theory; Epistemology

Fran Forman

Visual Art; Graphic Design; Fine Art Photography

Jane Ring Frank

Music; Creative Arts

Janet Lois Freedman

Women’s Studies; Feminism; Libraries and Social Change; Women and Leadership

Karen Frostig

Women’s Studies; Feminism; Women and Small Groups; Women and Leadership; Libraries and Social Change

Elinor W. Gadon

Art History; Religion and Culture of India; Contemporary Art; World Religions

Jehanne-Marie Gavarini

Visual Art; Visual Culture; Cinematic Representations

Cheri L. Geckler

Visual Arts (photography and mixed media); Neuropsychology and Behavioral Neurology; Medical Ethics

Rajashree Ghosh

International, Urban and Social Development: Gender, Community and Nation

Nance Goldstein

Leadership and Workforce Development; Healthcare Services and Reform; Organizational Studies

Anne Gottlieb

Acting; Theatre; Collaborative Process

E. J. Graff

Gender and Justice (including Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Media Criticism); Fraud and Corruption in International Adoption; LGBT Issues (including Same-Sex Marriage)

Florence George Graves

Journalism; Media; U.S. Politics; Gender Issues; Social Justice Issues

Margaret Morganroth Gullette

Cultural Studies; Age Studies; Gender and Age; Ageism; Middle Ageism

Trisha Gura

Science Writing; Science; Health; Psychology; Eating Disorders

Laury C. Gutierrez

Women Composers; Women Composers Ibero-America; Latin American Women Music Arrangers; Ethnicity and Early Music; Folkloric Instruments

Mary Oestereicher Hamill

Socially Engaged Art; Documentary Art; Contemporary Installation Art; World Health; Educational Innovation

Suzanne B. Hanser

Music; Music Therapy; Jewish Ritual; Spirituality

Hilde Hein

Philosophy; Feminist Theory; Aesthetics; Museum Theory

Lois Isenman

Cognitive Science

Laurie Kahn

Documentary Film; American History; Women’s History

Hilda Kahne

Labor Economics; Social Policy; Women and Work

Amelia J. LeClair

Women’s Early Music; Women Composers; Musical Works by Women or Anonymous

Jutta Lindert

Mental Health; Violence Epidemiology; Genocide and Health; Anger Epidemiology

Ruth Margaret Lomon

Music Composition; Orchestration

Maria Isabel Lopez

Law; Cuba; Writing

Louise Levesque Lopman

Gender and Corporate Globalization; Human Rights and Social Justice in El Salvador; Qualitative Feminist Research

Frinde A. Maher

Women and Education; Women’s Studies Education; Feminist Theory; Diversity Issues in Education

Dana Maiben


Elizabeth W. Markson

Aging and the Life Course; Older Women; Family; Medical and Psychiatric Sociology

Mary G. Mason

Literature; Disability Studies; Women’s Studies; Women’s Autobiography; Personal Narrative

Brenda Gael McSweeney

Gender and International Development; Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Issues in West Africa, India and Ireland; Poverty Eradication

June Ellen Mendelson

Mental Health; Women’s Health; Health Insurance Reform; World Peace

Annette Liberman Miller

Acting; Theater; Film

Vivian S. Montgomery

Women in Early Music; Antebellum American Musical Culture; Historical Performance Practice

Rachel R. Munn

Architecture; Memorials; Memory and Writing

Naomi Myrvaagnes


Ruth Nemzoff

Intergenerational Relationships; In-law Relationships

Linda Pololi

Culture of Academic Medicine; Mentoring; Faculty Development

Susan L. Porter

American History; Public History/Museum Studies; Oral History; Gender Studies; Jewish History

Smriti Rao

Gender and Economics; International Development; International Trade and Migration; The South Asian Economy; Agrarian Studies

Susan Rivo

Documentary Film; Second Wave Feminism; Feminist Pedagogy; Web-Based Curriculum Development; Oral History

Ellen Israel Rosen

Women and Work; Urban Sociology; Class, Status and Power

Karin Rosenthal

Fine Art Photography

Rosie F. Rosenzweig

Creativity; Jewish Feminism; Meditation

Ellen Beth Rovner

Culinary Anthropology; Gender; Aging; Memory; Phenomenology

Mayra Ruiz Castro

Work and Organizations; Gender, Race and Class; Work/Life Balance; Careers; Emerging Economies

Rochelle Ruthchild

Documentary Film

Roberta L. Salper

Spanish and Caribbean Literature and Politics; Women’s Studies and Feminist Identity; Social Activism

Nancy Salzer

Film; Women and Film; Screenwriting; Creative Writing

Phoebe K. Schnitzer

Clinical Pscyhology/Intervention with Children and Families; Psychology of Gender; Gender Differences in Achievement; Single Motherhood/Father Absence; School Consultation in Special Education

Ludmila Shtern

Behavioral Characteristics of Women Surviving Under Pressure of the Holocaust, Wars, the Police States, Ethnic Prejudice, or Everyday Life; Analysis of Events in Russia and Former Republics of the USSR

Eric Silverman

Masculinity; Ritual; Fatherhood; Childhood; Melanesia

Phyllis Rolfe Silverman

Grief Over the Life Cycle with Special Emphasis on Widowhood and Losses in Childhood; Mutual Help

Pamela Swing

Anthropology; Ritual; Creativity; Women and Spirituality; Ethnomusicology

Susan Thomson

Gender and Achievement; Community Service; South Asian Dance/Music and Ethnography

Rhoda Unger

Psychology of Women and Gender; History of Women in Psychology; Feminist Theory and Methodology; Epistemology and Social Activism

Rahel R. Wasserfall

Anthropology; Evaluation Studies; Jewish Pluralism and Identities

Stephanie Wasserman

Behavioral Neuroscience; Neurophysiology of Cocaine Addiction; Foster Mothering and Attachment Issues

Kristin Benton Waters

Intellectual History; Political Theory; Race and Gender; Feminist Theory; Aphra Behn