Department of African and African American Studies

International Women's Day Celebration at the Intercultural Center: little sister: An Afro-Temporal Solo-Play

Misty De Berry


March 8, 2018


Intercultural Center Lounge 


little sister: An Afro-Temporal Solo-Play is at once a memory-scape and a mytho-biography
set to poetry,movement, and mixed media. A performance poem spanning from the Antebellum
South to present-moment Chicago, it tells the story of a nomadic spirit named little-she who
shape-shifts through the memories and imaginings of her sister, the narrator. Through the
characters, little-she and the narrator, the solo-performance explores embodied ways to rupture
and relieve the impact of macro forms of violence in the micro realm of the everyday. To this
end, little sister witnesses and disrupts the legacy of violence in the lives of queer Black
women through a trans-temporal navigation of everyday encounters within familial,
small groups and intimate partner spaces.

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