Timeframe for Dean Certification Requests

Dean's Certification requests may take 10-14 business days to process. Please plan ahead.

Dean's Certifications

A Dean’s Certification is a statement of an applicant’s academic and disciplinary record, or lack thereof. If you are applying to transfer from Brandeis, are going on to Law School, Medical School, or Graduate School, you may require a Dean’s Certification. Other special circumstances, such as applying for the Bar Association or applying for positions with the government may also require a Dean’s Certification. Dean’s Certifications often have other names – Dean’s Report, College Report, Transfer Report, etc. – these are all handled through a request from Academic Services. Please read below for more information regarding the process.

Process for requesting a Dean’s Certification:

  • Fill out this form - https://goo.gl/EEzN5A 
  • Submit any additional forms (i.e., college reports, transfer reports, school forms, etc.) via e-mail to acserv@brandeis.edu. If you do not have access to a scanner please bring the hard copy forms to the main reception desk of Academic Services, Usdan 130 (second floor)
  • Final forms will be ONLY emailed directly to the school/s or entity/ies to which you are applying. If an email address is not available, paperwork will be sent via standard US Postal Mail at no charge. On the google form be sure to include the full mailing address, including the name of office/person receiving documents.   

Other notes about this process:

  • If you are an alumni or former student and do not have a Brandeis email or access to your SAGE ID, please include your date of birth as a replacement identifier.
  • For questions about SAGE, contact the University Registrar.
  • The University Registrar facilitates requests for transcripts and enrollment verification.  These are different than a Dean’s Certification. Please refer to the Registrar’s website for details on how to request.
  • This process takes 10-14 business days. It is not possible to expedite this process, please plan ahead.

Please contact acserv@brandeis.edu with any other questions.