Faculty of Color Collective

We are pleased to announce the creation of a Faculty of Color Collective for tenure-track and long-term contract faculty of color at Brandeis across the School of Arts and Sciences, Heller School, and IBS.

Under the auspices of the Faculty Mentoring Program, the Collective will provide a range of resources and opportunities for professional development and community building to the growing number of faculty of color at Brandeis.

Carina Ray, Director of Faculty Mentoring for the Arts and Sciences, will serve as the Collective's coordinator.  She, along with Ulka Anjaria (Professor of English and Director, Mandel Center for the Humanities), Jennifer Gutsell (Associate Professor of Psychology), and Sarah Mayorga (Associate Professor of Sociology) will serve as faculty of color mentors to the Collective. They will be joined in the spring by Jerónimo Arellano (Associate Professor of Latin American Literature and Culture). Working in an advisory capacity, the Collective's mentors will be available to share their insights and advice about navigating career trajectories at Brandeis and the academy at large. 

In addition to providing access to senior mentors, the Collective seeks to foster peer mentorship through organizing virtual writing and research accountability groups. It will also sponsor a communal meal each semester as a means of building community among faculty of color within and across the School of Arts and Sciences, Heller School, and IBS. The FOC Collective is supported by funds provided by the Office of the Provost and the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences

Faculty of color who are interested in joining the Collective can sign up here. Please feel free to be in touch with Carina Ray if you have any questions.