Spring 2020 Course Offerings

Below are the Comparative Literature (COML)-designated courses for Spring 2020. View the full course list to see electives offered in other departments. 

COML 122B - Writing Home and Abroad: Literature by Women of Color

image of poster for COML 122M,W 2:00 PM–3:20 PM, Harleen Singh

Cross-listed in CAST, ECS, ENG, IGS, SAS, SQS, and WMGS.

Examines literature (prose, poetry, and memoirs) written by women of color across a wide spectrum of geographical and cultural sites. Literature written within the confines of the "home country" in the vernacular, as well as in English in immigrant locales, is read. The intersections of race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, and class as contained by the larger institutions of government, religion, nationalism, and sectarian politics are examined.

COML 132B - Poetry and Philosophy

image of poster for COML 132M,W 5:00 PM–6:20 PM, Laura Quinney

Cross-listed with ENG and PHIL. Has been submitted to count for OC. Not open to graduate students.

Plato called the relationship between poetry and philosophy an "ancient quarrel." But within the last century some thinkers have attempted to effect a rapprochement. After considering the Platonic argument and its legacy, this course will explore the marriage of poetry and philosophy in later times, looking particularly at the experiments of German romantic aesthetics and its legacy in 20th-century Continental literary philosophy. What is the nature of the "ancient quarrel" between poetry and philosophy? In what sense do they compete for the same space? Can poetry be a kind of philosophy, or vice versa? Can philosophy help us to understand the nature of poetry, and vice versa?

COML/ENG 70B - Environmental Film, Environmental Justice

image of poster for COML/ENG 70M,W,Th 1:00 PM–1:50 PM, Caren Irr

DJW. Cross-listed in ENG, FTIM, and SJSP.

Examines films that address nature, environmental crisis, and green activism. Asks how world cinema can best advance the goals of social and environmental justice. Includes films by major directors and festival award winners.