Testing Positive for COVID-19

Any staff, faculty or affiliate at Brandeis University who tests positive to COVID-19 (whether via PCR or rapid test) is required to report their case to the University by contacting bctp@brandeis.edu. The Brandeis Community Tracing Program (BCTP) will work with the staff, faculty, or affiliate to trace their exposure to those on campus, report the case to the MA Department of Public Health, and work with Occupational Health to advise on return to work.

In general (and there are exceptions), in fully vaccinated individuals, the requirements are as follows for individuals who test positive to COVID-19:

Occupational health will inform your supervisor of your limitations with regard to campus access and your recovery from a positive COVID-19 test. If you feel well enough and are able to work from home, you may arrange to do so with your supervisor. Brandeis University offers generous sick time allowances and medical leaves of absence to eligible faculty and staff, and staff are expected to use this time if they are sick, unwell, or caring for others who are unwell.