COVID Testing

Asymptomatic Testing

Brandeis University is no longer conducting an asymptomatic surveillance testing program given the accessibility of rapid tests. The Campus Passport has also been retired. For the safety of all, and as a courtesy to our community, we suggest that all community members on campus test themselves at least once a week — via rapid or PCR test — and recommend that they do so especially when area case rates are high.

Symptomatic Testing


Any undergraduate or graduate student experiencing COVID symptoms may contact the Health Center for testing, or may use their own rapid test. All students are required to report positive test results, as soon as they are able, to the Brandeis Community Tracing Program.

Undergraduate or graduate students identified as close contacts by the Brandeis Community Tracing Program, may pick up a rapid test at the Health Center, or may use their own rapid test.

Faculty or Staff

All faculty or staff experiencing COVID-19 symptoms should contact their PCP or they may use their own rapid test. Questions about symptoms and coming to work should be directed to