International Travel

All international travel is suspended on Brandeis business or with Brandeis programs, for all faculty, students, postdocs and staff. 

This includes any travel associated with one’s scholarly activities as a Brandeis employee, even travel funded by a government grant, foundation, company or another university. 

Rare exceptions to this policy will be considered, but the request must be made in writing to the Provost.

Domestic Travel

Brandeis urges extreme caution and judgment before traveling domestic travel.

Massachusetts is now requiring travelers from out of state, including those returning home, to quarantine for 14 days after out-of-state travel unless they have taken a COVID-19 PCR test (the kind offered by Brandeis) within 72 hours of their arrival (or after their arrival) and received a negative result. The only exceptions are individuals traveling from lower-risk states as designated by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. These states change frequently and it is the responsibility of individuals to check to see if the state they wish to visit is on the list.

Massachusetts requires all travelers from outside of exempted states to fill out a form; the state penalty for violating the quarantine order is $500.

Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Undergraduate and graduate students who have arrived on campus must limit their travel to the Greater Boston area.

In case of an emergency that requires a student to travel out of state, the student must notify the Dean of Students Office and follow Massachusetts state guidelines regarding COVID-19 travel quarantine upon return to campus.


Passover Information

The COVID-19 pandemic and its necessary travel restrictions have prompted Brandeis to plan for students to remain on campus over Passover for the first time in the university's 73-year history. Brandeis Hillel will be offering seder options and kosher-for-Passover catering, and opportunities for students from Jewish and other backgrounds to celebrate and experience this holiday of liberation and freedom. Students who observe Passover dietary requirements will receive all the support they need. We will share frequent updates to our plans as we get closer to the beginning of the holiday.