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The deadline for completed Ph.D. applications is December 15.

We consider applications to our joint M.A. program in Sociology and Women & Gender Studies through February 1.

The deadline for current Heller Ph.D. students to apply for the joint Ph.D. degree with Sociology  is April 1.

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If you have specific questions about our graduate programs, please contact our graduate administrator, Lauren Jordahl.

To receive information from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, please visit the GSAS website.

Graduate Programs In Sociology

Photo of Carmen Sirianni's class.We are a small department that achieves a great deal. Our virtues include innovation, faculty accessibility to students, a high level of communication, minimal bureaucracy and a collegial atmosphere of mutual respect. We offer flexibility in our program without sacrificing intellectual standards to allow students the opportunity to define individual research interests and courses of study. The training we provide is selective, focused and deep.

Our program boasts three main areas of study and expertise:

  • Gender and feminist studies
  • Medical sociology
  • Culture and social change

Since its founding, the department has enjoyed a distinct intellectual culture that links the key normative questions of democracy, social justice and the good life to critical social thought and qualitative research methods.

We oblige our students to formulate questions of social and analytical importance in "big picture" terms and submit these questions to the test of rigorous research. With considerable expertise in ethnographic, interview, comparative and historical methods, our center of gravity has remained the qualitative analysis of institutional change.

Our program strives to promote conceptual vitality, autonomous thinking, engagement with the empirical world and critical analysis. We train our students to think theoretically and to investigate their ideas with methodological rigor.

Our graduates have consistently been on the cutting edge of critical work in sociology; their books and articles have won recognition and awards, and have changed the public agenda in important ways. We also value innovative teaching and make every attempt to ensure that our students have the opportunity to develop teaching skills and explore new pedagogies.

Graduate Degree in Sociology

The department offers three graduate degree programs:

  • The doctoral program that leads to a Ph.D. in Sociology. Students enrolled in this program may elect to earn an MA in Sociology or a joint Master's degree in Sociology and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies along the way to the Ph.D.
  • A joint doctoral program in Sociology and Social Policy with the Heller School for Social Policy and Management.
  • A joint master's program in Sociology and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies that leads to an MA in Sociology and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

There are specific course tracks and requirements for each of these programs.