How to Apply to the MAT Program

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The BA/MAT and MAT are no longer available after 2022-23. Teaching licensure is available to undergraduates through the teacher education minor.

Brandeis undergraduates interested in teaching are encouraged to pursue the teacher education minor in pre-school, elementary or secondary education. Successful completion of the 8-semester program includes full-time student teaching in senior year and leads to teaching certification.

“I chose the Brandeis MAT program because I felt that it would prepare me to be the best teacher I could be — not only an expert in my subject, but a tool for training young minds to hold dear the principles of equality, justice, and radical social change.”

Kiana Khozein

Alumni Spotlight

Elmer is currently a second grade teacher in Newton. His passion for teaching is fueled by his interest in building relationships as a teacher, a colleague, and learner. "The highlight for me during my time at Brandeis is being able to build relationships with my cohort members. It's great to have critical friends because I can use them as a soundboard and they can use me as a soundboard to bounce ideas off of each other and then go implement them in our teaching." - Elmer Torres BA'20, MAT'21