Education Program

Costs, Scholarships and Financial Support

The BA/MAT and MAT are no longer available after 2022-23. Teaching licensure is available to undergraduates through the teacher education minor.

Brandeis undergraduates interested in teaching are encouraged to pursue the teacher education minor in pre-school, elementary or secondary education. Successful completion of the 8-semester program includes full-time student teaching in senior year and leads to teaching certification.

“I decided to be a Chinese language teacher because I yearn to share my knowledge, culture, and stories with people. There are three reasons that I chose to connect my intellectual journey with Brandeis. First, the Brandeis MAT program is the only school in my list that provides a one-year internship and considerable scholarship to its matriculates. Second, Brandeis is located in Waltham, which is a place near Boston. Last but not least, I just LOVE BRANDEIS! In the future, I want to be a trailblazer, who will inspire students to discover their interests toward the Chinese language and culture. ”

Jialin Zhang