Early Warning Siren System

Brandeis University has an early warning siren system that is designed to provide instant notification to students, faculty and staff of imminently dangerous conditions.

The sirens would be sounded, for example, if there were an imminent threat from severe weather such as a tornado; a chemical spill that would require people to take shelter indoors; or similar situations where it would be potentially dangerous to remain outdoors.

In an emergency, sirens around campus will sound continuously for at least three minutes and/or a public-address announcement will provide specific instructions on what precautions to take.

>> Listen to the Early Warning Siren.

When Sirens Sound

If you are inside, STAY INSIDE and seek information from the sources listed below.

If you are outdoors, immediately seek shelter inside the closest building and then seek information from the following sources:

All-clear Notification

When the emergency has passed, the siren system will sound a Westminster chime for approximately one minute and announce "all clear." 

>> Listen to the All-Clear Chime.