Providing education, empowerment and support related to sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating/domestic violence and stalking.

The Prevention, Advocacy & Resource Center (PARC) is a confidential, student-centered resource serving members of the Brandeis community who have been impacted by violence and those who want to contribute to the anti-violence movement. 


Violence Prevention Education

Our prevention team facilitates trainings open to all students, as well as available by request for students, faculty, and staff.


Throughout the year and especially during January (Stalking Awareness Month), April (Sexual Assault Awareness Month), and October (Domestic Violence Awareness Month), we host and co-host events, campaigns, and more. 


Can't wait for a training or event? Check out our growing library of videos to learn more about our work and learn some skills. 


Peer Advocates

Peer Advocates are available for drop-ins, online chat, or by appointment to those who have been impacted by violence, as well as those supporting them.

Staff Advocates

Our two full-time staff members can provide more in-depth, ongoing advocacy. You are welcome to meet with a peer advocate first, then ask to be scheduled with a professional staff person, or you can schedule with a professional staff person directly. 



PARC seeks to engage the Brandeis community to normalize anti-violence by providing our own resources and connecting folks to others. 

Learn More...

Explore PARC's handouts and recommendations for articles, videos, and other scholarship related to our work. 

Event Support

If you are hosting an event that addresses sensitive or triggering topics, PARC peer advocates can be present to support participants who wish to talk to someone during or after the event. 

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